Simple pricing - Test more, save more.

  • Micro
  • $20/mo
  • Up to 200 device minutes per month
  • Small
  • $100/mo
  • Up to 1,200 device minutes per month
  • Medium
  • $250/mo
  • Up to 3,500 device minutes per month
  • Large
  • $500/mo
  • Up to 7,500 device minutes per month

Every plan includes every feature

  • Access to 300+ unique devices
  • Tests on Android, iOS, and Web apps
  • API Access
  • Custom Test Scripting
  • Continuous Integration
  • Comprehensive Reports
  • Built-in Compatibility Tests
  • Parallelized Testing
  • Project & Team Support
  • 30-Day Data Retention
  • Web and Live Chat Help

Private Device Labs & Enterprise Plans

  • Reserved, dedicated devices available instantly 24/7
  • Unlimited test duration and concurrency
  • Carrier plans and custom configurations
  • Automation strategy, planning, and training
  • White-glove support and continuous integration help

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About to release? Get a day pass!

  • 1-Day Pass
  • $75
  • Get one day of unlimited access* without the commitment of a monthly subscription. Great for working the kinks out just before a big release.

  • 3-Day Pass
  • $150
  • Get three days of unlimited access* without the commitment of a monthly subscription. Perfect for working the kinks out just before a big release.

* Day passes do not include API access. Tests must be scheduled via the website and not from an IDE, CI environment, etc.

Get 100 minutes just for signing up.

Frequently Asked Questions
How do you measure minutes?
Each time you run a test on a device, the number of minutes the test takes (rounded down) is deducted. For example, if you schedule a test on two devices at once and one takes 5 minutes while the other takes 8 minutes, 13 minutes will be deducted from your available minutes for the month.Monthly minutes don't roll over.
How long can a single test last?
You can specify a timeout between 1 to 30 minutes, and tests that exceed your set limit will be cut off. We encourage you to run more focused tests rather than run one large test, but if you need more than the default max of 30 minutes, please contact us.
What if I go over my allowed minutes?
If you use more minutes than your plan provides you'll be charged $0.20 per additional device minute. You can always upgrade your plan instead of paying for individual flex minutes.
How many different apps can I test?
As many as you want! You can create multiple projects, allowing you to separate your apps so statistics, trends, and other insights can be viewed per app.
Do I have to select a plan now?
Absolutely not. Signing up is free and gives you a chance to kick the tires a bit before making any sort of commitment.
What if I want to upgrade?
No sweat! Upgrading takes place immediately and you pay a prorated price. For example, if you're on the $100 plan and upgrade to the $250 plan half way through the month, you'll be charged half of the Small Plan and half of the Medium plan ($175 total) and can instantly take advantage of the minutes allowed on the new plan.
What if I want to downgrade?
No problem at all. You can downgrade whenever you want and the change will take effect at the end of the current billing period. If you want to downgrade immediately please contact us at .
Do you have a privacy policy and terms of service?
Yep. In a nutshell we value your IP and privacy greatly. Please read our Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, and Customer Agreement for more info.
What if I still have questions?
We'd love to hear from you. Please contact or call .


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