Test your apps the easy way.

AppThwack brings sanity to app testing. We rapidly test your app on 100s of real, physical devices in parallel. You get a report in real time so you can find and fix issues before ever touching a customer's devices. It's fast, it's easy, and we free you up to focus on more important things, like developing great apps.

Multi-platform support

Multi-platform support

Whether your app is native or hybrid, we've got you covered. Just upload your APK and sit back.
Want to take control? We support Calabash, JUnit, Robotium, UI Automator, Espresso, and MonkeyTalk.
Responsive Web FREE!
Give us a URL and we'll render it on the most popular Android browsers and tell you how long it took to render. These are the actual browsers, not some approximation we created.
Testing iOS apps has never been easier. Just upload your IPA to get started.
Have your own automation? We support Calabash, KIF, OCUnit, UI Automation, XCTest, and MonkeyTalk so you can test every aspect of your app.

Real, physical devices

Real, physical devices

Devices are expensive, cumbersome, and the market is constantly changing. We deal with all of that for you and maintain an ever-growing collection of real, physical phones and tablets.

We don't root devices, and we have both OEM and carrier-branded devices, meaning your app runs on the exact same software and hardware your customers use. Our devices are all connected to the Internet via WiFi.

Frictionless testing

Frictionless testing

Simply upload your app or provide your site's URL.

For Android and iOS, we install, launch, and explore your app. Our explorer analyzes each screen and maps your app in real time, capturing screenshots, performance data, and any errors that occur. We then run a quick stress test that hammers your app with random input. Finally, we uninstall your app and scrub any data left behind.

For web, we render your site on popular mobile browsers (Native, Chrome, Firefox, Dolphin, Opera Mini, Opera Mobile) and capture screenshots in each one.

Detailed reports

Detailed reports

We provide high-level results, low-level logs, pixel-perfect screenshots, and performance data. We package it all up into an easily-navigable report that focuses in on the problems. There's a lot of data to digest so we do our best to find patterns and organize information in a way that speeds up the discovery and debugging process.

Build better apps.


Custom tests

Want to take the reigns and run your own scripts? No problem.

We support popular automation frameworks including JUnit, Robotium, UI Automator, Espresso, Calabash, MonkeyTalk, KIF, and UI Automation. With these powerful tools you can write your own tests and simulations for your app. We even take care of formatting results and gathering up all of your screenshots.

Security and Privacy

Your business is your business. We don't tell anyone about your app and results, or pull any other shenanigans when it comes to your use of AppThwack.

Both your upload and your results are transferred over secure connections, and we uninstall every app and remove it completely from our server when testing completes.

Team Support

You can create separate projects for your various apps, as well as give others permission to test and view results.

If you just want to send someone a report, with a single click you can generate a direct link to share.