Instantly test your app on 100s of devices.

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You upload your app, configure test parameters, and select devices.


AppThwack tests your app on real devices in parallel with our built-in compatibility suite or your own custom scripts.


In minutes, you get a report with screenshots, performance data, and details about any errors that occurred.

The features you need to build better apps.

Real, physical devices in the cloud

AppThwack provides 100s of devices for app testing in the cloud

Real, physical devices in the cloud

Test on 300+ unique, non-rooted phones and tablets in our state-of-the-art device lab. This is the exact same hardware and software you'll face in the wild, available 24/7 and 100% automated.

Support for all popular automation frameworks

AppThwack pulls test results into a standardized report

Support for all popular automation frameworks

Regardless of your framework of choice, we'll parallelize test execution, pull all results into a standard report, and even collect performance data automatically.

  • Appium
  • Calabash
  • Espresso
  • JUnit
  • KIF
  • MonkeyTalk
  • OCUnit
  • Robotium
  • Selendroid
  • UI Automation
  • uiautomator
  • XCTest

Built-in compatibility testing

AppThwack provides buit-in tests for those without their own scripts

Built-in compatibility testing

Simply upload your native or hybrid app's binary to get started. No scripts or instrumentation needed. Our AppExplorer analyzes each screen and maps your app in real time, capturing screenshots, performance data, and any errors that occur.

Detailed, actionable reports

AppThwack tracks performance trends automatically

Detailed, actionable reports

We provide high-level results, low-level logs, pixel-perfect screenshots, and performance data. We package it all up into an easily-navigable report that identifies patterns and organizes information in a way that speeds up the discovery and debugging process.

Continuous integration and API

AppThwack integrates with Jenkins, Gradle, and more via plugins and a REST API

Continuous integration and API

Kick tests off automatically from popular continuous integration tools like Jenkins and Gradle with our easy-to-use plug-ins. Have something else in mind? Use one of our clients in the language of your choice or hit our REST API directly.

Build better apps.


World-Class Service

Not sure where to start? We're here to help.

Whether you have a question about AppThwack or you're trying to nail down your mobile automation strategy, our team has the experience to get you going quickly. Our team has seen thousands of apps and millions of tests, and we pride ourselves on providing the best app-testing solution around.

Secure and Private

Your business is your business. We don't tell anyone about your app and results or pull any other shenanigans when it comes to your use of AppThwack.

Both your upload and your results are transferred over secure connections, and we uninstall every app and remove it completely from our servers when testing completes.

Support for Teams

Create separate projects for your various apps and give others permission to test and view results.

If you just want to send someone a report, generate a direct link to share with a single click.