Test your app on 100s of real devices.

  • Run Android, iOS, and web apps on real devices.

  • Get detailed reports in minutes.

  • Track app performance over time.

  • See pixel-perfect screenshots.

  • A real, physical lab

    Devices are expensive, cumbersome, and the market is constantly changing. We maintain a lab of real, non-emulated devices so you don't have to. We constantly analyze the market so our collection matches the real world as much as possible.

    Our devices are a mixture of OEM and carrier-branded versions, all non-rooted and non-jailbroken. Catch real problems before release by testing on the exact same software and hardware your customers use.

    Device Lab
  • Android, iOS, and Web

    Whether your apps are native, hybrid, or purely web, and whether you develop for Android, iOS, or the browser, we have you covered.

    For native apps, just upload your .APK or .IPA. There's no special code or instrumentation necessary to get started.

    For web apps, give us a URL and we'll render it on the most popular Android browsers, allowing you to quickly catch UI quirks or worse, errors that crash the browser. These are the actual browsers, not some approximation we created.

    Multiple Platforms
  • Built-in or custom tests

    AppThwack's built-in tests require no code. Our App Explorer analyzes each screen and maps your app in real time, capturing screenshots, performance data, and any errors that occur. We then run a quick stress test that hammers your app with random input. Finally, we uninstall your app and scrub any data left behind.

    Have existing automation? Simply upload your JUnit, Robotium, Espresso, UI Automator, Calabash, UI Automation, KIF, OCUnit, XCTest, or MonkeyTalk tests along with your app and we'll take care of executing them on the selected devices and gathering results, screenshots, and performance data.

    Manual or Custom Tests
  • Detailed, focused reports

    AppThwack collects high-level results, low-level logs, pixel-perfect screenshots, and performance data. The result is an easily-navigable report that focuses in on the problems. There's a lot of data to digest so we do our best to find patterns and organize information in a way that speeds up the discovery and debugging process.

    You can view your reports on AppThwack where we'll also show you project trends, or you can download the raw data to perform your own analysis. Feel like sharing results? You can generate a direct-link to send to your colleagues.

    Device Lab

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“AppThwack allows our mobile engineering team to stay focused on software.” - Jared Stanbrough, Senior Engineer, New Relic

Jared Stanbrough
Senior Engineer, New Relic

“AppThwack is the best Android device testing solution for games that I've seen.” - Todd Hooper, VP Online Services, Unity

Todd Hooper
VP Online Services, Unity

“We’re utilizing AppThwack in all phases of our product life cycle and we’re finding new ways of increasing productivity.” - David Shanley, CTO, CrowdCompass

David Shanley
CTO, CrowdCompass

“With AppThwack, we get the results we need across a wide range of Android devices.” - Aaron Train, QA Engineer, Mozilla

Aaron Train
QA Engineer, Mozilla

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